Thursday, August 12, 2010

notes from the unfamiliar

"textual import"

dreamstate-in/pro-duced art
through process of

let a day start anew.
[non-abstract] hope, love, hardwork
does not imply
desire, or the suffering which may accompany its object

lives tired of
stagnancy, addiction
through recognitions of
opportunities for
independently driven (economically available, sustainable)
be it in

integration among
those categories of growth
through art aware of itself,
dancing out from that spectacle
which invited a
or complacent
disconnected audience

aRt proJECT!! :D
collect hundreds of photographs taken within the past year
of war, bodies, destruction, pain
each from a different day and location

mark each photograph with time and geographic coordinates at which the photograph was

display chronologically,
linearly in
space or time [in public]
(each photograph lined up along a wall, or kept in a stack and hand-displayed one after another)


displaying a (blank) COLORED (single, flat hue) sheet of paper [in public] in the manner of a begger and/or activist

I can be
a warrior who has forgotten peace,
so wrapped up in
the fervent deliberation of meaning
so as to
forget its music

entertaining delusion
discursive dialectic
immanent critique

novel investigations of social phenomena,

e.g. polyvocal situations in which
individuals are communication,
simultaneously listening and speaking,
not only in 1-1 correspondence, but also with
the composite demeanor, timbre of
the larger group and/or
any subset thereof,

through flurries of
frayed/fragmented ontological structures
entertained with humility.

return to the love of dichotomies
without enforcing them to wars, walls

the tai-chi proposed principle of
causing "outside aggression to land on nothing,"
can(not) apply to the struggle over the health of
our earth,
as their is no multiplicity of sides in a
globalized (spherically entrapped) body as such

In 2012,
each automobile fell apart into a thousand rolling dice,
and the drivers
bumped and skidded, sat upon the ground
confused and as naked as the
fruit trees,
now in overdue intimacy with their
guest-recipients, family of
long mediated, yet unconditional, love,
breakfast juices and ice-cream toppings
approaching novelty.

Even if one uses peripheral vision to cognitively focus on a location in the environment, another may be able to sense where ones focus is aimed. The aim of ones pupils may not be the only sign of ones visual, cognitive focus; the aim and sway of the aura of the body can be just as telling.

On invisibility
silence, imperceptibility
and becoming so

disassociation with
the medium by which
the subject senses vision
deception by way of simulating what is behind (camouflage)
blocking with what is in between

As a fish may not know of water

Much as one may learn to ride a bike through letting experience flow over one's self, whether that amorphous experience includes conscious control- (e.g. logical) structures or not, until ones self becomes naturally directed in course, as a weather vane loves the wind, learn, play the piano. Wonder if this is inevitable, necessary, constant, in the way that even logic belongs to the same contiguous, whole, experience, intuition, passion, so that this "letting expereince flow" is unavoidable. [in]determinacy

break down the concepts of
work and play
and recognize 'just friends'
as schools, accredited in our ways

In tranquil, midnight, early morning,
warm/soft/pink/orange-hue-silhouetted darkness,
we stood at the edge of our patio,
overlooking the light-breeze-swept waters which stood before
the city...
Your hand, face, mind, led us back toward the bedroom,
but I wanted to stay awake here a little longer...
As I awoke, I wondered in you were still there;
I wondered if I'd left you there
and if you'd remember too...

tracing our textual lineage


"I'd been driving, or catching a ride and drawing objects from the landscape intermittently as glimpses of them flashed by the window. The sun was going down. Individual viewing events recorded in the composite drawing were spatially, temporally isolated in their own right, but each corresponded to a different place and time across the 60 minutes and sixty-something miles we'd traversed. So the sun colored, shaded each element of the drawing in drastic contrast."

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  1. thank you.
    the final paragraph (conclusion) brought the entire piece into perspective.
    beautiful sketchings.