Sunday, July 18, 2010


so we'll make sure all the rhinoceroses are satiated and reproducing faster than dying so that once we begin to convert our fibrous muscle to liquid flows pressurized under our out-turned skeletons and with what new strength tear out the pavements we must know full well of seeds for the gravelled rubble sprout tall garden underfoot the rhinoceros pads and nourishes as well as their riders so well the only commodity being flowers are sold as well digested the paths kept short enough path length still used gourds exchanged value for the task of appetite then apt instruments as moments of unsatiating filled necessary w/ nonconceptual fingerings.

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  1. Willy, I really like this. I like how it jumps from and intertwines rhinos, growth, and us. I'd be really interested to see what you'd come up with, though, if you were to play with the format a bit.