Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oil Spill Poems

wrote these for the Poets For Living Waters:

Alternative Kitty

It’s hard to know [what
to do
about everything…

We’ve gotten ourselves in such
a pickle
with this [hole
polluting the earth thing…

We ate too many cookies
and sp [oiled
our dinner…

How to stop the gears, shifting and twisting, [out of control?

I don’t think it’s up to me
to change
the [world,

but I still choose to ride]

my bike.

Optometrist Appointment

people see what they want
to see
but what goes unseen?
Time forgot African babies and
Occupied Tibet
though the magazine will remind you of
-babies in Africa are still dying of
(your damn hamburgers and Cap’n Crunch aren’t going to save them
from malnutrition)
-Tibet is still occupied
(the Dalai Lama did not originate in India)
-Haiti was a poor-as-shit island
no one
about before people died EN-MASS
(in my opinion, this disaster saved lives)
-and we’re spending
all this energy trying to fix
one leaking hole we poked
in the earth while ignoring the rest…
(how many have to blow up before we figure it out?)
can you read between the lines?

to see what’s still hidden

at the bottom


the see


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