Thursday, July 1, 2010



Paper, the anniversary sediment
laugh tracking tongue
furry as a ring box
open for alms,
brisk business in
the year of jars
of ethyl acetate,
for ticks still
life through still life
when motion, being seen
without safety, agitated me half to death.
It was smart meat: flocking behavior
still clinging to the high grade breast.
The sleepy town rocked out
to the all time greatest hits
of small charming mammals from the 80s and 90s.
Best of “it's like I'm her person".
Best of men with big creased arms & largess sensitive so early
it could be otherwise. The threat of footfall in three parts:
heel, toe, point.
Perhaps the body is too
young to understand
the gravity of its stupid situation.
What did I do to deserve this dumb
cartoon suit, the brass
tacks to chase liquor
board with watersign;
hunch nursed to zeal
career tenderness - the hawk
takes conies from the hutch
like a fireman
now moves
with animal will or
“instinct” when illiterate,
“consensus” when they pair-
scare quotes-
"for life"


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