Sunday, June 13, 2010


another excerpt (unformatted because my computer sucks [sorry]):

she said it was because she only felt safe among other "women." no "men" could go. it didn't matter if she identified as a woman, she had a penis, so she couldn't go. AND if he identified as a man,  he couldn't go either. despite his vagina.

What is a real woman then? One who is born with this hole and likes it? We can't argue behavior because that is too masculine these days.

I'd like to show her cases of lesbian domestic violence reports. I want her to know that an all "female" space isn't inherently a "safe" space.

Did we forget that women rape, murder, bully too? That they have testosterone pumping through their veins as well?

Safe people are safe. Are all men unsafe now? Are they roaming the streets in packs? Biting the hands that feed them?

What is sex-ism?

A bias based on  a physical variation between the legs.

This feminists pisses me off.

No Rosy, we can't do it by ourselves. This is a team effort. A human togetherness.

To gender fuck the whole world.

-G. S. Vonderschnickle

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