Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rewards Program

Dear photorealistic painting of Princess Di
I was minding my own business when suddenly blam
the barnesandnoble bathroom of loneliness
white like heaven, choir of aborted ideas for screenplays
All merchandise at the door you know the drill but as far as amenities
the perfect sink and a cluster of Polaroids
celebrity C listers no one has recognized in ages
resolving like bruises all over the place.
The service industry hasn’t stocked its tear ducts lately. Backorder upon backorder.
A substance inadmissible in the court.
Shall I bring you the Times? Shall I bring you your pipe
would an example of a pipe would do? Meerschaum, a word
I originally learned in “the Most Dangerous Game” now in a kinder
employ. Slippers, the quality of being slippery, it’s at your fingertips.
I slip the taut invoice in the soft inbox,
Provide the grain the rain the in the n the ‘n’ in the smack ‘n’ pop,
the viable ovum, the finesse the ism industrial complex in search of
Your brand is ‘hot’, as in having traction with more than just the local fetish community. I live to serve
half a volleyball over a damaged dolphin net


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